JANGO RADIO Select Artist Song Review July 2020 – ENERGY WHORES

Reject Land

Energy Whores paints an intimate and clever portrait of romantic disconnection and dejection with their song Reject Land.  Featuring vulnerable lyricism juxtaposed against poppy, upbeat instrumentals, Reject Land chronicles the depth of emotional turmoil that arises from running into someone who used to be the one and now treats you like no one.

That organ tone is amazing!  All of the instrumental tones and vocal effects are wonderfully selected - really crafting an interesting dynamic between voices.  Love the contrast of robotic vocals against more organic harmonies.  Great guitar-sound solo at 1:32; especially with the subtle doubling on the keys. The mix feels nice and balanced, and the lyrics are very relatable - great songwriting!

Fans of innovative indie and pop stylings will love the energy behind Energy Whores sound, and the openhearted lyricism of Reject Land stands to resonate with a lot of listeners!  Thanks so much I really enjoyed this song!

– Jon Wright, Music Educator - music theory, songwriting, voice, recording and mastering

The Refugee

Striking ballad with a dreamy melody and arrangement. The Refugee is a haunting and sobering song about pain, and the value of human life -- specific to refugees. Lyrically it deals with the pain of (refugees) not being discussed or visible in media, leading to feelings of lack of importance as a person, and depression. But The Refugee, lyrically, could also have different meanings, as the overall sentiment is universal for many.
Loved the dreamy synths and layers. I particularly enjoyed the harp/string synth in the beginning (the first 10 seconds) that was reminiscent of the famous Enya song Orinoco Flow (Sail Away); it would be great to hear more of that throughout the song. The title and subject of the song are also very interesting and unique.

This is a meditative song that will bring out emotion, with it's audience listening in the comfort of their chair or bed at home. It's a song for a melancholy or pensive mood. This is a song that will appeal to people who like ballads, love songs, or creating youtube videos in tribute to someone or a cause. I believe this song will also appeal to gamers and audiences who love fantasy and fan fiction. This song will appeal to very young people -- pre-teens to early 20 something.

– Amarantha da Cruz - Sony Latin/Jazz division